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White spot masking

Institute of Stomatology offers hitherto unknown in Latvia, new and innovative Methodology ICON system- white spots from smooth surfaces of teeth aesthetic smile zone.

Patients desiring to improve their smiles are often forced to choose invasive dental procedures to improve aesthetics. ICON system is non-invasive method, where treatment is without drilling, it helps to preserve healthy tooth tissue. This method eliminates mechanical interference and white spot sealing. It does not require anaesthesia and the procedure for the patient is more comfortable. Often patients are not satisfied with the white spots on the front teeth. These spots appears for a several possible reasons:

1. After completion of the orthodontic treatment and braces removal

Until now, there were no really satisfactory solutions how to remove white spots

2. Carious defects on the early stages

They appear in a lifetime. The damage progresses, they varies in size, colours, eventually forming enamel defects.

3. Hyper-mineralization spots

Visible on the permanent tooth already when hatching through. During the lifetime does not change and is not progressing.

4. Fluorosis

Spots appears due to over use of fluoride.

The Institute of Stomatology of Latvia is the only clinic that offers its patients to make a new infiltration method to disguise white spots.

  • Infiltration Method is a new, modern treatment concept, which fills the gap between preventive measures and restoration
  • This method is suitable for the front teeth to improve aesthetics
  • Gentle method with excellent aesthetic effect
  • There is no need to unduly lose healthy tooth tissue
  • For the patient and doctor it's a convenient treatment, since it happens during the same visit session

The operating effect:

Air and water in the affected tooth surface has a lower refractive index than in normal tissues. This leads to unaesthetic discoloration. ICON system compensates this unpleasant difference and brings the white spot of the affected tooth surface to the healthy enamel appearance. The affected tooth enamel is 'impregnated' with innovative materials. As a result, enamel becomes aesthetic, stronger and more resistant to surrounding stimuli.

The advantages:

  1. The aesthetic effect is visually visible (In 90% of cases the enamel translucence is restored)
  2. There is no need for anaesthesia and drilling
  3. The procedure is completely painless
  4. The results is visible after the 1 visit
  5. Procedures result lasts long
  6. Can be used by both: adults and children for permanent teeth

Review of the first patient, who has used the possibility of using this method to disguise the white spaces:

"This procedure made my life full of smiles! Since childhoods on my teeth were visible white spots, especially on the upper incisors, over the years it has created discomfort of smiling. On the some stage of my life, I have realized what I need to act. I came to the Institute of Stomatology, and was really welcomed; doctors offer to me this new procedure. Already after the first treatment my teeth looked wonderful, some spots were completely lost. The second time were removed the remaining spots, those already for the first time had become much duller. The procedure was painless and very effective! My teeth have become more beautiful, and I can finally smile! Thank you!"

Before this procedure is necessary to consult a specialist. Dentist individually inform each patient and advised for him the best treatment tactics and characteristics of white spots disguise.

To make an appointment, please call to the Institute of Stomatology, Therapeutic Stomatology clinic reception (tel. +371 67455586, weekdays 8: 00-20: 00, Saturday 9: 00-17: 00).

Service cost: White spot masking with the ICON system 70.00 EUR for 1 tooth.