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After the renovation of its premises, the Clinic of Prosthetic Dentistry has recommenced operations

Following the renovation, the Clinic of Prosthetic Dentistry of the RSU Institute of Stomatology welcomes patients to its modern and attractive premises. As part of the renovation, seven offices for dental prosthetics specialists at the Clinic of Prosthetic Dentistry were repaired and re-equipped; new dental equipment was installed throughout the office, and the waiting room of the clinic was upgraded.

The RSU Institute of Stomatology invested EUR 554,000 in the renovation of the clinic, with the aim of providing patients modern dental prosthetic services in appropriate premises.

The Clinic of Prosthetic Dentistry currently employs 15 certified prosthetic dentists and five residents. It also employs two dental hygienists, who specialise in working with the clinic’s patients. This is the largest specialised clinic of prosthetic dentistry of its kind in Latvia.

The clinic’s specialists offer a wide range of modern aesthetic and functional technologies for replacing missing teeth and improving a patient’s aesthetic appearance. The clinic is equipped with the latest generation of dental and diagnostic equipment. CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) technologies and 3D technologies (printers, scanners) are utilized in the production of various non-removable and removable prostheses, crowns, and bridges at the clinic’s associated dental technical laboratory.

Professor Una Soboļeva, the Head of the Clinic of Prosthetic Dentistry of the RSU Institute of Stomatology, emphasizes that the world-class technology and the aesthetic and modern environment of the clinic make the treatment process definitively more comfortable and pleasant for both the doctor and the patient. However, in achieving the desired treatment result, most important is the cooperation and mutual trust fostered between the patient and the doctor.


Photo: A.Kapsa