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Prices in the list are informative and can change depending on necessary individual treatment procedures.

Orthodontic treatment

Department of orthodontics EUR
Specialist's consultation (up to 18 years of age)* 20.00
Specialist's consultation (after 18 years of age) 40.00
Diagnostics (models, x-rays) 25.00– 100.00
Metal braces per jaw from 500.00
Aesthetic braces per jaw (ceramic) 750.00
Gilded braces per jaw 550.0
Metallic self-ligating braces per jaw 600.00
Aesthetic self-ligating braces per jaw 750.00 - 850.00
Lingual Incognito braces per jaw 2 400.00
Lingual Incognito braces per both jaws 4 800.00
Appointment to change archwire on one jaw 35.00-40.00
Appointment to change archwires on both jaws 45.00-50.00
Appointment with braces on one jaw from other clinics 54.00
Appointment with braces on both jaws from other clinics 70.00
Invisalign treatment (clear aligners) per both jaws 3700.00
Transparent retainer up to 100.00
Retention plate up to 115.00
Fixed retainer from 50.00
Functional and other appliances 200.00 – 700.00
Teeth alignment plates from 120.00
Piezoincision 150.00 – 740.00
Brace removal per one jaw 20.00
Brace removal per both jaws 30.00
Dental hygiene for patients with fixed appliances**:  
Dental hygiene for patients with fixed appliances (one jaw) 60.00
Dental hygiene for patients with fixed appliances (both jaws) 65.00
Dental hygiene for children with fixed appliances (one jaw) 31.00-47.00
Dental hygiene for children with fixed appliances (both jaws) 36.00-52.00
Additional cost for children with fixed appliances 10.00-15.00

*Children before 18 years of age who have officially registered family doctor have first consultation free of charge.

**For the patients having a family doctor who have entered into contractual relations with National Health Service, covers for children up to 18 years of age professional hygiene of teeth once a year (at 7, 11 and 12 years age – twice a year);

Attention! Costs for change the arch-wire grow double if braces were fixed in other dental clinic.

Dental prosthetics

Department of Dental Prosthetics EUR
Specialist's consultation 40.00
Analysis of a clinical situation from 100.00
Complex treatment plan from 35.00
Diagnostic models and analysis from 35.00
Crowns and bridge-shaped dentures:
Metal ceramic crown from 430.00
Crown form pure porcelain from 465.00
Crown form pure zirconium from 510.00
Metalic crwon from 190.00
Composite crown from 140.00
Metalcomposite crown form 230.00
Adhesive metal ceramic bridge form 575.00
Porcelain veneer form 510.00
Porcelain inlay/onlay no 385.00
Temporary crown 35.00
Root inlays:
One-root inlay from 115.00
Multiple-roots inlay from 150.00
Implant restorations*:
Metal ceramic crown on implant (witout price of implant) from 700.00*
Zirconium crown on implant (witout price of implant) from 900.00*
Removable covering denture supported on implants from 1600.00*
Temporary crown on implant from 100.00*
Composite crown on implant from 240.00*
Metalcomposite crown on implant from 350.00*
* Costs of constructions depend on system position of implants as wll as on materials used in particular case.
Removable dentures:
Standard arch-shaped appliance from 620.00
Arch-shaped appliance with attachments form 900.00
Total appliance from 550.00
Partial plastic denture from 430.00
Immediate dentures without fitting phases from 250.00
Additional positions:
Corrections or repair of dentures from 30.00
Night tray/splint from 100.00
Removal of crown 17.00
Removal of bridge 33.00

Therapeutic dentistry

Department of Therapeutic Dentistry EUR
Consultation of highly-qualified specialist (professor, head of the clinic) 40.00
Dentist's Consultation 30.00
Diagnostics of halitosis 35.00
Professional dental hygiene from 50.00
Teeth filling:
For one surface using light-curing composite from 40.00
For two surfaces using light-curing composite from 55.00
For several surfaces using light-curing composite from 65.00
Restoration of the part of a crown from 80.00
Aesthetic dental restorations:  
Consultation 40.00
Cosmetic restoration 330.00
Aesthetic coating, crown transformation 165.00
White and pigmented spot masking (one tooth) 75.00
Internal tooth bleaching 70.00
Teeth whitening using "Zoom" 380.00
Department of Endodontics EUR
Specialist's consultation 40.00
Repeated consultation 20.00
Diagnostics 40.00
Diagnostic manipulation 10.00
Tooth x-ray 6.00
One-canal tooth:  
Primary treatment from 177.00
Retreatment from 233.00
Two-canal tooth:  
Primary treatment from 222.00
Retreatment from 272.00
Three-canal tooth:  
Primary treatment from 252.00
Retreatment from 302.00
Four canal tooth:  
Primary treatment from 272.00
Retreatment from 322.00
Five canal tooth:  
Primary treatment from 292.00
Retreatment from 342.00
Apical microsurgery  
Apical microsurgery operation 240.00

Costs will rise if: *Microscope is necessary *cement filling is removed during treatment; *MTA material is used; *retreatment takes several appointments.

Department of Periodontology EUR
Specialist's consultation 40.00
Initial treatment (therapy), 1st stage from 65.00
Surgical treatment, 2nd stage for periodontal pocket reduction from 95.00
Supporting treatment (therapy) from 65.00
Gingivectomy from 65.00
Gingivectomy with bone removal from 86.00
Plastic surgical procedure 100.00 - 430.00
Periodontal treatment from 100.00

Maxillofacial surgery

Department of Maxillofacial Surgery EUR
Consultation with an explanation of the diagnosis 40.00
Teeth extractions from 30.00
Teeth extractions with osteotomy from 50.00
Extraction of retained teeth from 120.00
Insertion of dental implants (including implant cost) 380.00 - 750.00
Surgical removal of soft tissue formations from 70.00
Laser-surgery from 40.00
Ear plastic from 600.00*
* till 18 years of age EUR 350

Diagnostic radiology

Department of Diagnostic Radiology EUR
Tooth x-ray 6.00
Orthopantogram 26.00
Cephalogram 26.00
3-dimensional computed tomography (large field- 13cm, 17cm) 80.00
3-dimensional computed tomography (one jaw) 65.00
3-dimensional computed tomography for dysgnathia patients sent from the Department of Orthodontics 60.00
3-dimensional computed tomography (small fiels) 50.00
Occlusal jaw x-ray 6.00
Ultrasonography of salivary glands, facial and mandibular soft tissues 30.00

Sleep Laboratory

Sleep Laboratory EUR
Consultation in cases of sleep disturbances 35.00
Repeated consultation in cases of sleep disturbances 15.00
Polysomnography/polygraphy with computed analysis 186.00
Out-patient sleep investigation 120.00
APAP therapy 70.00
CPAP therapy training 20.00


Anesthesia EUR
Anesthesiologist consultation 30.00
Anesthesia during operation ( up to 30 minutes) 120.00
Anesthesia during operation (first hour) 185.00
Anesthesia during operation (additional cost for every next hour) 100.00
Mild, transient sedation 50.00
Sedation with drug therapy for complications prevention, 1 hour 80.00
Deep intravenous sedation, 1 hour 100.00
Intra-nasal sedation 30.00
 Pre- and post-operative care, 1 hour 30.00

Children Dentistry

Children Dentistry EUR
Specialist's consultation 23.00
Appointment with specialist* 20.00
Consultation about nitrous oxide (laughing gas) 30.00
Deciduous tooth filling for one surface from 25.00
Deciduous tooth filling for two surfaces from 29.00
Deciduous tooth filling for three surfaces from 35.00
Standard metalic crown deciduous tooth molar 31.00
Deciduous tooth extraction (one root) 18.00
Deciduous tooth extraction (more than one root) 25.00
Professional dental hygiene for children (to 7 years of age)** 21.00
Professional dental hygiene for children (from 8 to 11 years)** 26.00
Anesthesia 7.00
Wand anesthesia 12.00
Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) 1 session 40.00

* In cases where it is not possible to perform the necessary treatment procedures due to the fault of the patient

** For the patients having a family doctor who have entered into contractual relations with National Health Service, covers for children up to 18 years of age professional dental hygiene once a year (at 7, 11 and 12 years age – twice a year);

Permanent teeth treatment according to Pricelist of Therapeutic dentistry

Myofunctional therapy

Myofunctional therapy EUR
Speech therapist's consultation 35.00
Speech therapist's session 25.00
Otorhinolaryngologist's consultation 30.00
Physiotherapist's consultation 35.00
Physiotherapy session 25.00-35.00

Oral Pathology

Oral Pathology EUR
Professor consultation with an explanation of the diagnosis 50.00
Specialist's consultation with an explanation of the diagnosis 35.00
Consultation for children/pensioner with examination 20.00
Repeated professor consultation with examination 20.00
Repeated specialist's consultation with examination 15.00
Examinaton using Velscope 6.00

Other Services

Other Services EUR
Copy of the receipt 3.00
Non standard reference 15.00