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Department of Periodontology

To ensure the treatment of the periodontal area (the gums and the strengthening tissue) an appropriate treatment with several steps is performed in the clinic.

Basic stage of treatment:
Preventing the plaque of microbes that are the agents of the disease which includes removal of soft plaque, gum plaque and tartar, removing the infected cement of the tooth root, gum pocket curettage, monitoring of oral hygiene, consultations about the usage of the usage of hygiene aids and extraction of the teeth that can not be healed.
The results of the basic stage of treatment and the oral hygiene are evaluated after 6 to 8 weeks to decide about the necessity and scale of periodontal surgical treatments after.

Stage of surgical periodontal treatment:
Surgery for the decreasing of gum pockets; Improving the shape of bone; preventing mucogingival problems; preparing the teeth for prostheses (lengthening the clinical crown of the teeth).

Stage of maintaining treatment:
Maintaining the achieved results and preventing recidivism. The visits are repeated 2 to 4 times per year.