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Orthodontic treatment includes correction of teeth and jaw relationships with removable or fixed appliances (braces) and sometimes if necessary with orthognathic surgery. The result of orthodontic treatment is beautiful, healthy smile and stable occlusion. However patients must understand that orthodontic treatment has its own limits and risk factors, because every person has individual response to the treatment. One must remember that jaw and teeth relations are not self-correcting without orthodontic treatment.

We offer:

  • Professional treatment of dentofacial anomalies and deformities for children and adults;
  • Combined orthodontic and surgical treatment for children and adults with orofacial clefts, hard and inherited  dentofacial anomalies;
  • Orthodontic closure of gaps between the teeth for patients with periodontal diseases;
  • Teeth alignment before prosthetics;
  • A variety of braces made of porcelain, sapphire, metal, or gold are available. Fixation of braces on intra-lingual or extra-lingual surfaces of teeth.
  • Councils for complicated cases;
  • All kinds of removable orthodontic appliances.