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Opening of the Centre of Maxillofacial Surgery for children

Professor Ilga Urtāne, director of the Manager Board of the Riga Stradiņš University Institute of Stomatology informs that on 11.11.2011 in Riga Stradiņš University Institute of Stomatology the Centre of Maxillofacial Out-Patient Surgery and Diagnostics for Children with out-patient hospital was opened. Professor Jānis Gardovskis, Rector of Riga Stradiņš University said that alike the world practice Riga Stradiņš University also finds important tight integration of clinical and theoretical study processes. Its` successful realization is supported by the clinics of the university. RSU Institute of Stomatology is one of the brightest and trendy university clinics and its` name is well-known in the Baltic Countries and in the world. Its` equipment includes latest study and practical technologies which allows teachers together with students to realize both, high quality treatment process and effective study work meeting the level of European Union. There is no doubt, that opening of a new Centre is most beneficial for little patients with so emotionally sensitive inborn or attained maxillofacial pathologies, to whom an opportunity to get more convenient and modern medical service now is provided. Comfortable hospital and precise equipment for diagnostics will reduce time necessary for treatment what usually is closely connected with huge emotional tension. We hope that in future owing to the latest equipment patients from other countries of European Union will come here for recovery.