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RSU Institute of Stomatology provides the Department of Endodontics with a new dental microscope

At the end of 2020, the Department of Endodontics was equipped with the latest generation dental microscope Zeiss Extaro 300.

Certified endodontist Dr Lauma Saulīte says that the new microscope simplifies the work of the physician by making it more ergonomic, while the improved lighting and magnification of the new microscope facilitates diagnostic options, visualisation of the high power field, and improves the accuracy of treatment. Use of the Zeiss Extaro 300 microscope enables the operator to easily take photos and video recordings during the work, which can be used for training students and young specialists.

The use of a microscope provides a standard of work for an endodontist that increases the expected treatment outcome of the patient and the opportunities to retain a tooth.

The first dental microscope was introduced at the Department of Endodontics of the Institute of Stomatology in 2004 and, afterwards, the department was gradually equipped with a microscope next to each device. Currently, there are 5 specialist work stations at the Department of Endodontics, and each of them is equipped with a dental microscope.

Photo: A.Kapša