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Department of Endodontics

Whenever the patient has to choose between losing a tooth or saving it with the help of modern technologies and skilful specialists, endodontic treatment is the last possibility for keeping the tooth in the patient’s mouth.

The Department of Endodontics offers diagnostics and treatment of root canal diseases and provides the possibility of keeping the tooth in the patient’s mouth. The department is equipped with dental microscopes, digital x-ray device, as well as tools and materials needed for modern endodontic treatment.

The leading endodontics specialists, Riga Stradiņš University teaching staff and PhD students work in this department, and research is also being conducted here. The Department of Endodontics is the learning base for residents. The specialists of the department regularly increase their knowledge by going to international conferences, and the treatment is carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the European Dental Association.

Endodontic diseases are often asymptomatic and are discovered during x-ray examination. The root canals are often treated and retreated in order to prepare the teeth for prosthetics. Patients who are afraid or have problems with anaesthesia can be treated with sedation (additional sedative medication is injected intravenously).

During consultations the specialists of the Department of Endodontics provide patients with information on the foreseeable treatment process, the costs and the prognosis.