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Dermatologist services are available at the Institute of Stomatology

Patients of the Institute of Stomatology have an opportunity not only to improve dental health, but also to take care of skin health, to perform skin tumour diagnostics and to improve aesthetics, as dermatologist Jeļena Moisejenko-Goluboviča has started work at the Institute of Stomatology in the Surgery Clinic.

Dermatologist J. Moisejenko-Goluboviča informs that the main goal of cooperation between oral and maxillofacial surgeons and dermatologists is to apply appropriate therapies to patients with skin formations.

The specialist explains that the need to offer dermatologist services is due to the large number of patients who initially turn to a oral and maxillofacial surgeon, although the necessary treatment may also be performed by a dermatologist. These patients do not need surgical excision of the formulation, but quick and easy laser ablation. In addition, most dermatologists are currently using the minimally invasive diagnosis of skin tumours- dermoscopy. It allows one to determine whether the formation is malignant or benign without a biopsy and cytological analysis. Dermoscopy, in the treatment of malignant tumours, allows one to evaluate the necessary deviation in healthy tissues, which is currently widely used in practice.

At the RSU Institute of Stomatology, patients are offered a dermoscopic examination of the skin; skin biopsy and cytological analysis can also be performed. A CO2 laser is available for removing skin formations, and, if necessary, surgical excision of the formations can be performed.

The dermatologist informs that the Institute of Stomatology provides not only therapeutic and diagnostic services, but also beauty procedures - botulinum toxin injection to smooth wrinkles, plasmolifting or PRP injections for skin rejuvenation and the fight against acne and rosacea, as well as hyaluronic acid injections for skin moisturising and facial correction.

Apply for a visit to a dermatologist by calling the reception of the Surgery Clinic, phone No. +371 67455586.