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New X-Ray Imaging Device at the Department of Diagnostic Radiology

The Department of Diagnostic Radiology of the Institute of Stomatology will start using the new 2D/3D diagnostic imaging device Morita Veraview X800. The device is characterised by an excellent image quality and it offers a wide range of examinations.

The device is used at the Institute of Stomatology to perform:

  • The assessment of teeth that have been subject to endodontic therapy, as it enables assessment of up to 0.08 mm vox thin layer
  • The assessment of retained (non-erupted) teeth, in relation to other teeth, and their status in the bone
  • The determining of the location of anatomical structures
  • The assessment of bone quality and quantity before the implantation of implants
  • The assessment of different pathological lesions in bones
  • The assessment of traumatic bone damage
  • The assessment of temporomandibular joint
  • Panoramic 2D examination
  • The examination of lateral cephalometry

Morita Veraview X800 ensures:

  • high resolution images
  • the use of images in implantology, periodontology, endodontics, oral, facial and jaw surgery, orthodontics or general dentistry.