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Rentgen Examinations

Intra-oral and extra-oral radiological investigation methods for confirmation of classical diagnosis are used. Roentgenography can help for diagnostics of diseases in hard and soft palate, basic part of mouth, salivary ducts, etc. We offer conventional and digital 2-dimensional methods such as intraoral periapical and interproximal roentgenography, lateral cephalometry and ortopantomography, as well as 3-dimensional investigation with CBCT i-CAT scanner.


Sleep Laboratory

Sleep laboratory in the institute works since 2001. Full renovation was done in 2008, and then separate Sleep laboratory with three patient-rooms was formed.  Laboratory is equipped with new and modern technologies, synchronized audio and video recording is used.


Oral pathology clinic

Diagnostics and treatment of facial and oral cavity soft tissue diseases (bacterial, viral and fungal diseases, ulceration, autoimmune diseases, etc.) is offered at Oral Pathology Clinic Oral pathology specialists shall perform the diagnostics and treatment of neoplasms, as well as differential diagnostics of orofacial pain.
Oral Pathology Clinic is the only specialised centre in Latvia that offers the following services:
• Diagnostics and treatment of the diseases of facial and oral cavity soft tissue (bacterial, viral and fungal diseases, vesicular and bulbous manifestations, erosions and ulcers, as well as autoimmune and other diseases)
• Diagnostics and treatment of salivary gland dysfunctions
• Differential diagnostics of orofacial pain
• Diagnostics and therapy of pre-cancerous conditions of face and oral cavity


Cleft lip and palate centre

Cleft, lip and palate centre offers complex treatment for children with orofacial clefts including consultations of various specialists such as maxillofacial surgeon, orthodontist, speech pathologist and genetician.

Since 1998 the specialists of the centre are members of European cooperation projects ‘Eurocleft’ and ‘Eurocran’, aiming to provide the best quality treatment for children with maxillo-facial pathologies.