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Orthodontics Services for Adults and Teenagers Offered at Implantology Clinic


RSU Institute of Stomatology has expanded its activities. An additional unit for the provision of orthodontic therapy (dental adjustment) has been established in the center of Riga at the Implantology Clinic at 31 Baznicas Street.

The new department awaits teenagers and adult patients, who require not only orthodontic treatment but also combined treatment in cooperation with specialists in periodontology (treatment of gum diseases), implantology, dental prosthetics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and endodontics (root canal treatment).

The department employs certified and experienced orthodontists from the Clinic of Orthodontics of the RSU Institute of Stomatology.

In addition, patients are provided with dental hygiene services. Dental hygienists specialise in work with orthodontic patients.

Patients have access to cutting-edge therapy methods and brace systems: transparent corrective plate system, self-ligating braces, lingual braces, various types of aesthetic braces, as well as fixed and functional equipment and jaw expansion devices. There are no restrictions in the choice of therapy methods and braces.

Patients can already make an appointment by calling the reception of the new unit: Tel. No. +371 66016820 or +371 25712334

Follow the news on the website: www.implantologijasklinika.lv