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Opened New Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry in Institute

The Institute of Stomatology of Riga Stradiņš University has completed the renovation works of premises at the newly established Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry in January 2018.

Two new specialist work stations have been created at the Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry. The clinic has been established with the objective of ensuring specialised aesthetic dentistry services to its patients.

Dr Irina Ševeļova, one of the senior aesthetic dentistry specialists at the institute explained that “aesthetics, along with functionality, has become one of the principal areas of dentistry. A comprehensive outlook at the patient and their problems lies at the basis of aesthetic dentistry; it is driven by the desire to evaluate and improve the aesthetics of the face and the smile of the patient, with consideration of their psychological and somatic status”. I. Ševeļova emphasises that cooperation with colleagues of other specialities - orthodontists, periodontists, endodontists, etc. is also highly important in dentistry.

Internal dental bleaching, external bleaching, dental crack bonding, white and pigmented spot masking, aesthetic dental veneers, dental crown transformation and cosmetic restoration procedures are performed at the Aesthetic dentistry Clinic.

Dr I. Ševeļova uses the opportunities offered by the latest generation of dental technologies for her work, including Digital Smile Design (DSD), which employs high-quality digital images and videos to enable visualisation of the conformity of teeth, gums, lips and smile to the face when in moving and while expressing emotions.