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New technology for lingual braces in Orthodontic Clinic

From 11 to 16 June specialists from the Institute of Stomatology, Orthodontic Clinic participated in 92nd European Orthodontist Association Congress in Stockholm, Sweden, where the specialists had the opportunity to learn about the latest technology in orthodontics and exchange experiences with other colleagues from Europe.

During the Congress new lingual orthodontic system - DW Lingual systems was presented, which is already known as "Incognito" system type. This system, with the aim of improving patient care, is already available for Orthodontic Clinic, Institute of Stomatology patients.

Lingual orthodontics is a dental equalization method using braces, which are fastened to the inner surface of the tooth. Lingual braces works just like a conventional fixed braces, with full control of tooth movements. They are invisible to the uninformed; the only person who knows about them - is the patient.

DW systems - Lingual braces is suitable for everyone, as long as a patient has a healthy gums and bones. They are applicable to various solutions to individual problems, regardless of whether the patient is a teenager or an adult.

Lingual WiN braces advantages:

  • Expected result
  • Is suitable for any age
  • Very thin surface design - increased comfort
  • Suitable for both simple and complex cases
  • German engineering - the exact development for patient's individual needs