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Novelty – use of Er-Yag laser in the Department of Periodontology

New technologies of treatment that have been approved around the whole world are being implemented in the Department of Periodontology of the Institute of Stomatology. One of such methods is the use of the Er-Yag laser for treating and preventing gum diseases. It must be noted that this is a gentle enough treatment method that considerably shortens the time of tissue healing after the manipulations and it is not always necessary for anaesthesia to be used.

The use of the laser is varied and extensive, it can be used for:

  • treating deep gum pockets;
  • removing gum tartar;
  • treating periodontitis;
  • performing gingivectomy;
  • gum plastic surgery etc.

The Er-Yag laser can also be used for treating herpetic and aphthous stomatitis. Patients who have very sensitive and uncovered tooth necks have a lot less complaints after the laser treatment.