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A painless anaesthesia process for children with the use of WAND STA

A painless anaesthesia process for children with the use of WAND STA

Since anaesthesia is meant for taking away the pain, the process of applying it also has to be painless.

The WAND STA (Single Tooth Anaesthesia) is a computerised anaesthesia system that allows applying the anaesthesia without pain. Any local anaesthesia in the oral cavity can be carried out with this equipment.

It allows carrying out any stomatologic manipulations not only in therapy, but also in prosthetics and surgery.

This anaesthesia can be used for children, as well as adults.


  • completely painless;
  • when applying the anaesthesia on one tooth, there is no numbness of the tongue, lips or cheeks; after it the patient won’t feel that he or she has been to the dentist’s;
  • it is comfortable for the patient, as well as the dentist;
  • ensures a painless applying of the usual anaesthesia;
  • suitable for pregnant women and patients with chronic illnesses, since the amount of the required anaesthetic is reduced;
  • can be easily used at a children’s dentistry, as instead of the scary injector the child sees a disposable hypo that is similar to a pen and doesn’t have to be pricked;
  • a child becomes convinced that anaesthesia isn’t anything terrible and unpleasant, and that facilitates better cooperation with the dentist and a more successful dental treatment;
  • the anaesthetic effect appears faster.