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Visual Diagnostics Laboratory

In order to further science, improve and ease the work of doctors, as well as follow the newest trends of dental medicine technology development, new technologies – 3dMD face scanner and 3 Shape Trios intraoral scanner – are available at the Visual Diagnostics Laboratory of the Institute of Stomatology. 

3dMD face scanner is a device the operation of which is based on visible and infrared light. It is used to photograph one’s face in order to evaluate the contour of the soft facial tissues. The image of the face is taken in tenths of a second and overall the procedure lasts for less than 10 minutes. The acquired data is entered into a special programme and a 3D face model is created. This examination method is absolutely harmless just as any face photography.

One of the biggest advantages of this examination method is the acquisition of a completely unchanged 180 degree facial image from one ear to the other that provides the opportunity of evaluating the proportions of the face, carry out measurements and analyse the obtained results. 3dMD is also used in operation planning and in the creation of a digital patient database.

3 Shape Trios intraoral scanner – with this intraoral scanner one can acquire a 3 dimensional image of the patient’s dental arch which can be used in diagnostics and treatment planning, as well as in science and research. A 3D scan is an analogue to the accustomed plaster models that are acquired from dental impressions.