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Piezoincision in orthodontics

Increaseingly more patients are intended to start orthodontic treatment to improve smile aesthetics or for preparation to prosthetics. Most common confusion is relatively long period with braces (approximately 2-3 years).

What is Piezoincision?

Piezo incision is minimum invasive surgical technique used for activating and stimulating osseous tissue around the teeth, which makes feasible faster teeth displacement.

How it is done?

A week after fixation of the braces a maxillofacial surgeon using special ultrasound instrument performs small cuts in the bone around the teeth roots. Procedure goes under local anaesthesia. Then orthodontic treatment follows; now appointments are each two not six weeks.


  • significantly shorter treatment period;
  • opportunity to avoid gum recession;
  • usually extractions are not necessary.

You have to understand that only your orthodontist is authorized to decide is the Piezo incision useful in your case.